Our Quality Workmanship and Tailored Manufactured Projects

OceanicSteel’s objective has always been to consistently produce a high level of workmanship at competitive rates to our customers in a safe and timely manner.
Over the last decade OceanicSteel and Oceanic Labour Resources have completed a number of major projects comprising of complex engineering, fabrication and precision installation. 

General Fabrication

Sugarcane Multi-Lift Bin

Mild Steel Multi-Lift Bin for Sugarcane transport – AS 1554.1

Bert Hinkler Museum Steel Sphere

Mild Steel Box Section Sphere for Bert Hinkler Museum – AS 1554.1

Coal Mine Launder

Ceramic Tile lined mild steel launder for coal mine – AS 1554.1

Sugar Mill Boiler Stack Fan Casing

3cr12 Stainless Steel ID Fan Casing for Sugar Mill Boiler Stack – AS1554.6

Coal Bin Knife Guards and Gates

Techniplan – Mild Steel Knife gates and guards for 1000 tonne coal bin – AS 1554.1

Coal Mine Walkway Handrails

Coal Mine – Walkways and handrails – AS 1554.1

Alloy Bridge Railing - Gladstone Port

Gladstone Port – Alloy railing for bridge – AS 1665

Material Recycling Facility

Bypass cardboard conveyor 

Stainless Steel Chemical Bunds

Orica –Stainless Steel Chemical Bunds – AS 1554.6

Steel Handrails and Platforms

Sunwater – Mild Steel Handrails and platforms – AS 1554.1 For Qld Intersafe programme – approx. 1km platforms and 4 kms handrails

Bisalloy Clam Action Chute - Bengalla Coal

Mild Steel, Stainless Steel and Bisalloy Telescopic and Clam Action Chute for Bengalla Coal – AS 1554.1 / AS 1554.6

Crystalliser Coils - Bundaberg Sugar

Bundaberg Sugar – Mild Steel Crystalliser Coils – AS 1554.1 / AS 4041

Molasses Transfer Pipe - Bundaberg Port

Stainless steel 304 transfer pipe with poly pipe – ~230m long.

Crib Hut Stairs - Blackwater Mine

Blackwater Mine Site – Aluminium Collapsible Crib Hut Stairs – AS 1665

Stainless Steel Tank

Bundaberg Sugar – 304L Stainless Steel Tank – AS 1544.6

Low Profile Feeder Frame

Purpose built for transfer of coal

Spiral Staircase with Mirror Finish Handrail

Bundaberg Distillery – Spiral Staircase – galvanised with mirror finish stainless top rail. Fabricated & Installed – AS1554.1

Stainless Steel Mud Filter Tubing - Sugar Mill

Millaquin Sugar Mill – Stainless Steel tube work for Mud Filter upgrade & refurbish. Fabricated & Installed – AS1554.6

Mesh Guarding - QSL Bundaberg

Modular lightweight mesh conveyor guarding custom made to suit client’s needs

Steel Gas Piping Project

PolyWeld project – Fabrication of coal mine gas extraction pipe joiner fittings

Steel Gas Piping Project

PolyWeld project – Fabrication of coal mine gas extraction pipe joiner fittings

Distillery Project – Unfired Pressure Vessel

2205 Stainless Steel reboiler was attached to a 16 metre Ethanol Still.

Non-arsenical phosphorous deoxidised copper with 304L stainless steel top and bottom.

Amamoor Creek Bridge (TMR Fabrication)

Componentry fabricated to Main Roads standard for Amamoor Creek Bridge construction.

Transmin – Low Profile Feeder 

62.3 ton Low Profile Feeder from steel and steel alloys for a central Queensland coal mine.

Burnett River Rail Bridge (Queensland Rail Fabrication)